Chef's biography

Born in July 1956, in Conlela, S. João da Serra, a welcoming land, with ancient Beira traditions, Chef Fernando Machado dedicated his youth to agriculture and student life, and later following a path in the hotel and restaurant sector.

After some time spent in Faro Hotel School, where he studied to become an excellent waiter, in 1969 Fernando Machado started working at Balieira Hotel, in Sagres, as a shift chef's assistant.

He then traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, where he joined a group of professionals from great restaurants, such as Roberto Restaurant, Federal, Liryque and Fénice. In 1988, he returned to the origins, being back to Portugal. Together with his wife, Isabel Machado, an experienced and diligent cook, and his sons, Jorge and Davide Machado, he outlined what would be the beginning of a different hotel activity with traditional roots, and where handicraft was the established formula to define the interior of the envisioned restaurant.

The result is this beautiful place, which we can call a restaurant of the land, of our land, full of traditional flavors, with the best national products.

To this day in charge of his business...